Hajj & Umrah

Hajj for many is once in a lifetime journey. We understand what an important part of your life undertaking the pilgrimage of Hajj / Umrah is. We understand your desire to attain the highest possible levels of spirituality during the Hajj days and we also understand your needs.


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The Umrah is back. Contact us for Umrah packages and much more exciting services.


Our Culture started from the minute we decided to acquire Bin Dawood in 1973, and it has been shaped by countless efforts and people over our history.

Our industory is that it is constantly changing and consistently challenged. As such, I like to defy the “status quo”. I encourage the entire team at Bin Dawood to do the same, whether it is developing new product, or finding new and more efficient ways to do business. A favourite saying is “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you can only expect the same result.” The reality is, if you don’t keep changing you can be left behind in this industry.